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Ovante Demodex Control Hair Conditioner

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Demodex Control medicated hair conditioner for itchy and flaky scalp is effective addition to daily anti demodex therapy. It was specifically formulated to kill demodex mites on the scalp, inside hair follicles. The product utilizes a select balance of miticide oils, enriched with herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins. It helps to keep the anti demodex oils on the scalp through out the night (when the mites are most active). The hair conditioner actively destroys the skin parasites and provides relief from related to demodex folliculorum symptoms. Positive benefits of using tea tree, neem and other natural oils are well known among people who straggles with skin parasites. Deep penetrating, medicated formula of the hair conditioner delivers anti demodex ingredients through the skin barrier deep inside the hair follicles where the mites live. The conditioner kills the parasites and its eggs. Best results and high efficacy can be achieved by using both Demodex Control Shampoo and Demodex Control Hair Conditioner.
The RRDi is an Amazon Affiliate. By clicking below on the image and purchasing the item, the RRDi receives a small fee. Thanks. Please post your experience using this product in this thread.

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