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Galderma Funded a Study on the Pyschodermatolgical Impact of Rosacea


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"A number of studies in the psychodermatological literature show that skin disorders have a negative impact on the psychological and emotional health of some of those affected. These effects include depression, a decreased sense of body image and self-esteem, sexual and relationship difficulties and a general reduction in quality of life."

"The Face Values: Global Perceptions Survey aimed primarily to assess the impact of facial erythema associated with rosacea on the subconscious perceptions and initial reactions of others, including those affected by the condition. It assessed how these perceptions may affect their attitudes and choices about people with rosacea in relation to work, in relationships and in general social settings. This approach builds on a previous US study in people who had signs of mild to moderate papular/pustular rosacea and which highlighted consistent differences in attitudes toward those with rosacea versus images of people with clear skin (Kelton Research 2009, data on file)." [1]

There was a YouTube video about this but it has been removed. 

End Note

[1] Dermatol Ther (Heidelb). 2015 Jun; 5(2): 117–127. Published online 2015 May 29. doi:  10.1007/s13555-015-0077-2, PMCID: PMC4470961
Perceptions on the Psychological Impact of Facial Erythema Associated with Rosacea: Results of International Survey
Thomas Dirschka,corresponding author Giuseppe Micali, Linda Papadopoulos, Jerry Tan, Alison Layton, and Simon Moore

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