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skullmcrex (post #21) recommends "I think all rosacea sufferers should try cleansing milk they're really great. In terms of how I use it, wash my hands, apply to my DRY face, slowly message in outwards circles, and inwards if I feel appropriate (whatever doesn't physically irritate your skin) and then gently rinse off my fave using the technique of putting my hands together, cuping LUKEWARM water and GENTLY pressing it against each cheek and then following up your face, repeating this technique for every other part of your face. Basically what this girl does but when less rigourous/microscopic cleaning with the fingers, and less, but the occasional inwards circle motions too. (Find what annoys your skin the least it's imperative. I'm sure if you don't have the product where you are any "sensitive" cleansing milk would do well. It's been a revelation to me, my skin feels climbed without SLS bombarded and without drying it too much with over application of water. I do a even less vigourous approach to cleansing, less quick/hard but slightly more cleansing. The thing about the pinkies is very interesting too. I don't do everything she says but it's very interesting to me."  Watch the video skullmcrex recommends below: 


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