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Local Dermatologists Discuss Rosacea in SRQ Magazine


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"There is some newer data showing that there is bacterial overgrowth that is linked with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and it’s also linked with rosacea. They’ve found that rosacea gets better with treatment for IBS. The same with gluten and dairy, et cetera—even though you might not truly have Celiac disease or be positive for the antibodies, there are a lot of people that swear that changing their diet, avoiding gluten and sugars, can definitely affect the skin and acne and rosacea and inflammation."
Dr. Monica Bedi (Dermatology Associates)

"Stress levels lead to a cortisol release, which can certainly make people break out, with acne and rosacea." 
Dr. Emily Arsenault (Arsenault Dermatology)

Skin Deep, Go below the surface with expert local dermatologists. BY AVIEL KANTER, SRQ MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2017  IN HEALTH & WELLNESS

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