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Oil of Oregano


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There are anecdotal reports that oil of oregano helps heal rosacea. 

Anecdotal Reports

I have the papulopustular subtype, I find oregano oil has worked super well for me as well...I take 6 super strength P73 Oreganol gelcaps a day (I had to work up to that, it made me sick at first). I find that I can skip several days without my rosacea coming back; I think the OO stops some sort of inflammatory process. I've experimented, and after about a week and a half my skin starts to flare again if I don't take the OO. - Michelle - post #6

Last september i went on heavy dose of oregano oil - 6 times a day x 7 drops. i noticed significant improvement ...added heavy dose of ginger tea(mushed up ginger in hot water) and pau darco tea. Now my symptoms are almost all gone.....thats continuous since late october....I really think oregano oil is doing main work. My wife almost forgot i had that disorder.....Michael - post # 1

more info on oil of oregano

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