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Spanish Compounding Formula

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Kalamazoo reports that her dermatologist in Spain prescribed a compounding pharmacist formula for rosacea that includes the following: 

30 gram 'crema glucidica' (Spanish) for sensitive skin containing:
1% metronidazol
1% ivermectin
0.5% hyaluronic acid
5% vitamin PP (pellagra-preventive factor - vitamin B3 [niacin])
0.5% glyceral acid

Apply 1 to 2 times a day.

 In addition to the compounding formula above the dermatologist prescribed the following: 

7 milligrams of isotretinoin taken orally once a day 

metronidazole drops for ocular rosacea

SPF 50 topical in gel format to prevent sunburn

If any member tries this please post here. 

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