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Five Celebrities with Rosacea


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Here are the five famous rosaceans: 

Mariah Carey 
image courtesy of Wikipedia

William Arthur Philip Louis (Prince William)
image courtesy of Wikipedia

Cynthia Nixon
image courtesy of Wikipedia

Sam Smith
image courtesy of Wikipedia

Renée Zellweger
image courtesy of Wikipedia

Is rosacea the reason holding you back from doing the things you love? If yes, how about breaking its hold and starting all over again because you’re not alone.....which includes some famous celebrities too, who have been open about it? So, if rosacea couldn’t stop them from achieving great things in their life, then why would you want it to stop you from getting what you deserve?

Beauty: 5 Famous Faces Positively Living Through Rosacea, By Pauline Simons, INSCMagazine

Red Carpet, Red Face: Celebrities Talk About Their Rosacea, NRS

Famous Rosaceans

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