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Natalie Mering, aka, Weyes Blood, and Rosacea


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Natalie Mering, aka, Weyes Blood
image courtesy of Wikipedia

"Chamomile calms redness. [Now] my skin is less prone to acne and more toward rosacea....I wash the makeup off with a gentle cleanser by Derma E for sensitive skin. There’s nothing weird or chemical-y in it and it has pycnogenol—an antioxidant that’s really good for rosacea. I have a spray bottle that I put rosewater in. I make my own sometimes—pure rose essential oil straight in with water. The best beauty regimen on tour is spraying rosewater on your face, getting sunlight, and doing a honey mask."

This California Singer Has an Essential Oil Fix for Every Skin Issue, by MACKENZIE WAGONER, Vogue

Famous Rosaceans

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