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Make-up tips for sensitive skin from the beauty expert


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"Also cosmetics should be suitable for Rosacea for sensitive skin and free from fragrances. Boris emphasizes that medication should be applied immediately after facial cleansing and before make-up: "Apply your medicine prescribed by your dermatologist in the morning and wait until it is well absorbed, after which you can use your make-up as usual. " In case of facial redness, Boris recommends to access green tones. His advice: "Rosacea patients should apply make-up as a pillow, using sponges and dab the foundation gently, avoiding additional redness and skin." Rosacea sufferers with inflammatory skin sites recommends Boris: "Hygiene is particularly important especially in open skin areas. Sponges and brushes should be cleaned daily. If the product is applied with your fingers, please wash them beforehand." "

Use Chrome web browser and have Google Translate the article for you. 

Make-up artist Boris Entrup at "Aktiv gegen Rosacea" - Make-up tips for sensitive skin from the beauty expert, GALDERMA LABORATORY GMBH, PressPortal


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