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softilly's treatment for erythematotelangiectatic rosacea


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softilly's treatment for erythematotelangiectatic rosacea:


Hey guys, I have a rosacea-prone skin (the erythematotelangiectatic type) and two years ago I started suffering from flushes, burning and stinging. I was so desperate that even thinking back of that time makes me sad. Thankfully, in a few months I managed to understand how to help my skin recover, and I now have an extremely sensitive skin, but rosacea free (for now at least!). Some time ago I had a little rosacea relapse because I used an exfoliating scrub on my face (I shouldn't have!) and that made me remember how awful it was to deal with rosacea. So here are some tips I still follow every single day to prevent my skin from getting irritated. I hope they turn out to be useful for even just one of you.These tips are for the erythematotelangiectatic rosacea, I don't know if they can be useful for the other types as well.

  • Whenever you wash your face, wash your hands first.
  • Never dry your facial skin with towels, they're too rough. Use tissues instead. They're sterile and much more delicate on your skin.
  • Use hypoallergenic products only. And not only for your facial skincare! Even the shampoo you use has to be hypoallergenic, because if you put irritating substances on your hair they will most likely end up on your skin as well!
  • In particular, avoid any known-as potentially allergizing ingredient. I suggest avoiding any fragrance allergen (limonene, linalool, citronellol, citral etc.) and substances of the "benz-" family: sodium benzoate, benzyl salicylate, benzyl alcohol. The skincare brands I prefer are Bioderma, Physiogel and Bionike, because all of Physiogel's products, and most of Bionike and Bioderma are free from those allergens.
  • Ingredients that are particularly good for your skin are: cholesterol, ceramides, phytosphingosine (which help restore the skin barrier) and palmitamide MEA which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Palmitamide MEA is often found in skincare products for atopic skin.
  • Do NOT use any exfoliating scrub on your skin. It will irritate it terribly.
  • Sleep with two pillows, so that your head would stay up compared to the rest of the body.
  • Always cover the pillow you put your head on with a 100% viscose headkerchief or cloth. It's an incredibly smooth and fresh fabric which won't rub your skin.
  • Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol (this one is tough I know lol)

If anything else that I do for my skin comes to my mind I will add it to the list. Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.I really hope these tips can help you guys, please let me know if they do and feel free to ask any questions.


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