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Another bacteria associated with Demodex - Bacillus pumilus


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At least one type of bacteria is associated with demodex mites and rosacea. This bacteria is Bacillus oleronius according to an NRS press release [29] which quotes Dr. Kavanagh as saying, “This indicates that the Bacillus bacteria found in the Demodex mite produce an antigen that could be responsible for the tissue inflammation associated with papulopustular rosacea.” A study released in September 2007 by Dr. Frank Powell, et.al, also concluded, “Antigenic proteins related to a bacterium (B. oleronius), isolated from a D. folliculorum mite, have the potential to stimulate an inflammatory response in patients with papulopustular rosacea.” [30] Another study released in January 2010 also said, “The strong correlation provides a better understanding of comorbidity between Demodex mites and their symbiotic B oleronius in facial rosacea and blepharitis.” [31]

A report by David Pascoe mentions another bacteria is associated with demodex, Bartonella quintana. [58] David also has an interesting article about demodex worth reading. [68]

A third bacteria has been associated with demodex, Bacillus pumilus. [70]

For more info see the end notes associated with the above at this article

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