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Another New Article about the Gut-Brain-Skin Connection

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The Huff Post has recently mentioned rosacea in an article, The Gut-Skin Axis: The Importance of Gut Health for Radiant Skin, by 
Deanna Minich, Ph.D., which is worthy of your consideration. 

We have more written on this subject with these posts/articles: 

Do You Have a Gut Feeling About Your Rosacea?

Microbiome-based therapeutic strategies


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"The resident microbiota is important in maintaining structural and functional integrity of the gut and in immune system regulation. It is an important driver of host immunity, helps protect against invading enteropathogens, and provides nutritional benefits to the host. Disruption of the microbiota (dysbiosis) may lead to severe health problems, both in the gastrointestinal tract and extra‐intestinal organ systems. The precise mechanisms by which the intestinal microbiota exerts its effects are only beginning to be unravelled but research is demonstrating close links between gut microflora and many factors involved in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis (AD). AD and indeed any other ‘skin disease’, may be seen as a possible manifestation of a more systemic problem involving gut dysbiosis and increased intestinal permeability, which may occur even in the absence of gastrointestinal signs."

Vet Med Sci. 2016 May; 2(2): 95–105.
Published online 2016 Feb 23. doi:  10.1002/vms3.24
PMCID: PMC5645856
Atopic dermatitis and the intestinal microbiota in humans and dogs
J. Mark Craig, BVSc, MRCVS Cert SAD

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