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Iranian Traditional and Natural Treatments for Rosacea


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"Considering the significant improvement in the patient’s condition after appropriate diet and appropriate use of herbal medicines, it seems that traditional medicinal therapies have great results in the treatment of rosacea."

Measures to Protect Health and Nutrition:
Health and nutrition regimes were recommended at first because of gastrointestinal problems are, prohibited concentrated foods and due to the type of skin lesions that is a sign of increased virulent yellow bile the prohibition of bile stimulating and producing foods.
Pharmaceutical Measures:
Aftimoni whey protein with Sisymbrium irio should be consumed hot at fasting, Liver capsule (coriander seed, fumaria, lettuce seed, chicory seed, Jujube, Rhubarb root, cassia leaf, thyme), sekanjabin (fennel, chicory seed, celery seed, Tribulus terrestris, cumin, Khyarin seed, chicory root bark, fennel root bark, capparis root bark), and local mask containing mallow, mallow flowers, and chamomile flowers were administered along with milk and two drops of lemon juice.
Owing to the significant improvement in our patient’s condition, it seems that temperament reform through recommendations and regimens, as well as herbal medicines prescribed according to sources of Iranian traditional medicine, play an important role in the development of rosacea symptoms. This study should be a useful guide for future clinical studies of this disease.

Asian Journal of Clinical Case Reports for Traditional and Alternative Medicine 
Improvement of Rosacea Symptoms in a 62-year-old Man with the Treatment of Iranian Traditional Medicine
Article 4, Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2017, Page 29-36 • Abstract •
Akramosadat Atyabi (M.D., Ph.D. Candidate), Fatemeh Eghbalian (M.D., Ph.D. Candidate) , Mehrdad Karimi (M.D., Ph.D.) 



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