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Steaming Your Face May Trigger Rosacea


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"Michael Freeman, a dermatologist and associate professor at Bond University in Australia, told The Conversation that you should never squeeze a blackhead because it might cause the oil glands to rupture back into the skin. Freeman advised that buying skincare products containing vitamin A could help. This is because it can stop the skin lining the pores thickening, meaning the oil glands aren't blocked. Using lukewarm water - rather than hot - to wash your face with is also less likely to inflame them. Steaming the face can make blood vessels stand out and trigger rosacea in those who are prone to it."

Skin warning: Clearing out your clogged face pores could cause THIS condition
SKIN with clogged pores can be unsightly - but steaming your face to unblock them could cause rosacea, By LAUREN CLARK, Daily and Sunday Express


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