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Rosacea History


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"The presence of rosacea has frequently been attributed to excessive alcohol consumption in various literary pieces of the past and in particular, the rhinophyma or nose deformity that can manifest with the condition has been associated with alcoholism. Although a trigger factor for rosacea flare-ups, alcohol consumption has been incorrectly indicated as the primary cause of the condition in many famous, historical works."

Rosacea History, By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD, News Medical Life Sciences

"1300s: Dr. Guy de Chauliac, a French surgeon living in the 14th century, wrote about "red lesions in the face, particularly on the nose and cheeks." He called the condition "goutterose" (French for "pink droplet") or "couperose" (now a common French term for rosacea)."

Rosacea through the Ages: a Timeline, NRS

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