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Syrokomsky Nikolay Lyubomyrovich, Dermatologist in the Ukraine


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Sirokomsky Nikolai Lyubomyrovich
image courtesy of sirokomsky.com

Dr. Syrokomsky Lybomyrovich, a dermatologist in the Ukraine, has been around for a number of years and there are many reports of patients going to him to receive treatment for rosacea (and other skin issues). One such report is DG who posts Syrokomskyy's Protocol at RF. gerryc reports at RF [post #29] that he took the trip for Dr. Syrokomsky's treatment and posts: 

"I have been to see Dr Syrokomskyy in the Ukraine about 4-5 years ago and found it a positive experience. I had amazing results for about 2 years my skin was absolutely great. This from someone with rosacea for over 20 years since i was about 17.

Was a classic flusher, permanent redness and some acne breakouts Dr Syrokomskyy protocol helped the lot. The regime is extremely painful at times and lasts for 4 months if i remember correctly. I only managed 3 months which i really regret and was not great with the maintenance regime for the first year after treatment.

My skin now days is still a lot better than prior to Dr Syrokomskyy treatment plan. I have very little flushing but still have the permanent redness to contend with along with a few zits.

I do not regret going to the Ukraine one bit i was inspired by DGs great Blog at the time and a few others who also went over.

Any questions just ask."

Jerckii has a thread at RF you might want to read. moomy (post no. 7) has posted a list of the herbal treatments. 

Snegovik [post no 10] says, "I have tried it. Ended up with accutane after because his treatment gave me extremly oily skin. And out of the 8 patients I know, none of us were cured. One girl with acne living in the US got a good result. But also struggled with oily skin and needed meds for it.

As with every rosacea treatment, not everyone reports success (you can google and find them) but in the spirit of 'everything rosacea' the RRDi is posting this because some report success in being treated by Dr. Syrokomsky. You can visit his web site which is in Ukranian. If you need to translate the site follow the steps using Google Translate


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