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Snails and Bees May Help Rosacea?


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snail image courtesy of Wikipedia.                                                                      bee image courtesy of Wikipedia

David Pascoe, rosacea guru extraordinaire, who owns RF and RSG posted in his blog an article, Snail slime and bee glue – say what?, about a patent David discovered at Google applied by Muciderm S.A., (GONZÁLEZ Elmo MORENO) [patent submitted on October 17, 2017] which uses a device application consisting of snail slime and propolis in a  "composition... in the form of a lotion, soap, cream or gel, which is embedded in a gauze-type fabric in the form of a plaster that can be applied to lesions caused by the different types of rosacea." The formulation also consists of camomile extract (1-4%), and other natural extracts such as marigold extract, honey and vegetable oils. 

The patent application says the following: 

"Therefore, it is strikingly clear that the snail has an activity that sticks to conventional treatments, particularly on erythema and telangiectasia produced in the disease. The present invention is further directed to the development of an application / device from the developed product, which will be more efficient and effective than the current treatment, which is essentially palliative. This treatment can, at best, stop the development of rosacea and completely eliminate erythema and telangiectasia produced. The use of the product may also allow the flaking of dead and regeneration of new skin due to the properties of its components described above."

Pharmaceutical composition for preventing, treating and curing rosacea, comprising snail slime, camomile and propolis 
WO 2016054757 A1

This post is listed as one of the Biologic Treatments for Rosacea

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