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How to detoxify from sugar


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"While alcohol may have contributed to some of that headache, excess sugar is likely the real culprit and may be currently wreaking havoc on skin....After a night of bad habits, “the gut develops an imbalance of bad bacteria, and the body can wake up craving even more sugar.” Snyder suggests taking a probiotic supplement to rebalance blood sugars, “give you energy, and reduce mood swings.”....Skin, too, can see the effects of a heavy night of trick-or-treating. “Excess sugar can cause inflammation and even rosacea,” explains top New York City facialist Mzia Shiman who is responsible for the flawless glow of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. First, the pro recommends drinking “a ton of water” to start the de-puffing process, and, if possible, have an at-home LED light mask at the ready. “The red lights can help calm skin and soothe redness,” she says." [bold added for emphasis]

Do You Have a Halloween Candy Hangover? Read This

More on Sugar and Rosacea

LED light therapy devices available

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