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Retinoids for Rosacea?


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"Retinoids (the umbrella term for all forms of the vitamin A derivative, including the popular OTC version retinol) are the Screech of the skin world: irritating. So women who have had reactions to other skin products—or who have tried a retinoid in the past and ended up tingly and flaky—think it's not for them....

....Rosacea itself is considered inflammatory and treated with products labeled "anti-redness"—so why willfully add more flame to the fire?

The facts: It's not a good idea to use a retinoid in the midst of an outbreak, we'll give you that. Otherwise, however, you shouldn't have any additional redness after the first two weeks of use. And, in fact, one study found that retinoids might even be a treatment for rosacea."

5 Myths About Retinoids You Should Stop Believing ASAP, BY KAYLEIGH DONAHUE HODES November 8, 2017, Women's Health

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