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Dr Linda Papadopoulos Discusses Perceptions: At the Heart of Facial Redness


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Hear Dr Linda Papadopoulos discuss the results of the Face Values Global Perceptions Survey. Commissioned on behalf of Galderma, the research focused on the impact that facial redness associated with rosacea can have on people's perceptions.

Dermatol Ther (Heidelb) DOI 10.1007/s13555-015-0077-2
Perceptions on the Psychological Impact of Facial Erythema Associated with Rosacea: Resultsof International Survey
Thomas Dirschka . Giuseppe Micali . Linda Papadopoulos . Jerry Tan . Alison Layton . Simon Moore

In an article published by Reconteur and written by Beatrice Aiden where she refers to Dr. Papadopoulos with saying, "Dr Papadopoulos thinks our self-esteem is too embroiled with the way we look, a trend that has been exasperated by our celebrity-obsessed, image-driven culture, and surgery is not a quick fix, she warns. “I think people are trying to fix their self-esteem [with plastic surgery]. Women are more likely to compare themselves to celebrities than each other. Why when we know they are airbrushed?"

Beautiful gain: perceptions of beauty, Reconteur


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