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The RRDi was legally formed as a 501 c 3 non profit organization for rosacea in 2004. Setting up a non profit is not for the timid or faint of heart. What I have found is that most rosacea sufferers could care less how a non profit spends is donations. Case in point is how the NRS spends its donations (if you do care read this page). I have done a great deal of investigation into non profits and how they spend their donations and you can read the results of this investigation if you are interested in this thread

If you think that the RRDi mission statement and purpose is a good idea and want to keep the RRDi going someone really has to take over and carry the baton since I am now 69 years old, have a heart condition, and basically keeping this ship floating pretty much by myself. The other members of the board of directors have their own lives and can give very little volunteer time to the RRDi. We need some board members that are active. 

I have reached out to others but there are not many who can volunteer as I have done for all these years. Basically what you have is three non profits for rosacea, the RRDi, the NRS, and the AARS. The RRDi is the only non profit organized by rosacea sufferers. The other two non profits are organized by non rosacea sufferers. If you think the RRDi is a good idea and should continue and grow into a better organization some of you must step up to the plate and start swinging. Otherwise, the RRDi is going to dissolve. So think about it and let me know if you can help. I need help and this is a call to arms. 

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There is a reply to this topic button somewhere on the device you are reading this post. If you never heard about this topic and you learned about it here first, wouldn't it be a gracious act on your part to show your appreciation for this topic by registering with just your email address and show your appreciation with a post?  And if registering is too much to ask, could you post your appreciation for this topic by finding the START NEW TOPIC button in our guest forum where you don't have to register?  We know how many have viewed this topic because our forum software shows the number of views. However, most rosaceans don't engage or show their appreciation for our website and the RRDi would simply ask that you show your appreciation, please, simply by a post.  

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On 11/30/2017 at 11:09 AM, Asugarplum said:

Hi Brady,

In what capacity can members participate? I have limited time but would be open to getting involved somehow. 



Hi Andrea,

Could use a moderator. If not, how about simply posting about your rosacea issues, or comment on any post in the forum. We could use volunteer posters. 

I sent you an email.



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Let's review what the good points of having a non profit organization for rosacea founded by rosacea sufferers for patient advocacy vs the other two non profits for rosacea founded by non rosacea sufferers (NRS, and the AARS).

(1) The purpose of this non profit obviously isn't for personal profit since everyone who has had anything to do with the RRDi hasn't done it for money. All Volunteers. Compare that with the other two non profit organizations for rosacea (NRS, and the AARS) and follow the money. 

(2) There is a wealth of rosacea treatment data in the member forum in logical categories. The search feature can help you find what you are looking for. 

(3) Education grants

(3) The RRDi MAC is one of the Crown Jewels, since these medical and research professionals have some interest in rosacea and have graciously volunteered to have their name listed on our website and have agreed to answer questions and help guide the RRDi. 

(4) The affiliate shopping cart is an incredible source of over the counter treatments and publications related to treatment not only for rosacea, but also other skin conditions. 

You can review what research the NRS and the AARS have engaged in, and decide if you think these two non profit organizations funding for research is the way it should be done. Or if you think there should be improvement into what rosacea research needs to be done, think about this option: 

Reaching the goal of 10,000 rosacea sufferers becoming members of the RRDi. Each member contributes one dollar a year. The RRDi could sponsor their own unique rosacea research that rosacea sufferers want done and fund it themselves. Can you do that with the other two non profit organizations for rosacea?  

So think about all this and volunteer! Join the RRDi. Contact admin and let us know you want to volunteer. 

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