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PRN/Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals for Dry Eye


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"So I went to see the eye doctor. He prescribed an ocular antibiotic. Then, he hit me with a shocker. Out of left field, he diagnosed rosacea of the eyelid. I knew what rosacea was, but had no clue about rosacea of the eyelid. I was stunned to read how it carried a risk of blindness in extreme cases. I continued my Google research and found an academic ophthalmologist in Chicago, Marian Macsai, MD, at NorthShore University HealthSystem, who had researched rosacea of the eyelid. The thought of potential blindness focuses your attention, which is why -- as an ever cautious individual -- I decided to see her. I had to wait a couple months and almost backed out. I'm glad I didn't. Macsai examined my eyes and immediately concluded I didn't have rosacea of the eyelid. Relief. She stopped the antibiotic, which she said was too powerful.....She recommended a non-prescription special blend of fish oil....I ordered the DE, dry-eye blend, and started taking four capsules a day with meals. I suddenly noticed a change. My eyes stopped itching. I seemed fine."

A Patient's Journey: There's a Vitamin for That
Howard Wolinsky may have the most expensive urine in Chicago, by Howard Wolinsky, Contributing Writer, MedPage Today

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