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Birth Control Pills and Rosacea


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Whether there is any evidence that there is a connection with BC and rosacea or not, or whether this is actually a theory or not (mainly because there are not any clinical or authoritative papers on this subject), we can at least categorize this as an  interesting subject to discuss. It probably should be categorized as a possible rosacea trigger? Nevertheless, you can read these posts/threads about this, however you want to classify the discussion: 

Q. Can rosacea be aggravated by birth control pills?

Women May Need Added Therapy

How Birth Control Ruined My Skin

Birth Control And Rosacea

Birth Control 

to all women who suffer from rosacea sorry guys

Rosacea and Birth Control Pills Treato

How I've Been Dealing Since Going Off The Pill Wrecked My Skin

Rosacea Acne/just got off birth control pill

What Causes Acne? "Starting or stopping birth control pills"

The Best Birth Control Pills for Acne Treatment in Women

If you have any thoughts or other links to add to this thread, that is what volunteering is all about and hope you can add to this discussion. 

Birth Control Pills image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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