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ag2001 says, "The second saving grace for me has been alevicyn gel. It is a prescription and not a steroid or an antibiotic. It’s safe for long term use and I lather it on at night - spot treat anything with it during the day. It’s clear and leaves a little flaky look, but almost like a concealer." [post no 2]

Alevicyn contains hypochlorous acid which is "a weak acid that forms when chlorine dissolves in water, and itself partially dissociates, forming ClO-. HClO and ClO- are oxidizers, and the primary disinfection agents of chlorine solutions." Wikipedia

"ALEVICYNTM Antimicrobial Dermal Spray cleanses, irrigates and moistens, and removes foreign material, including microoganisms."

"ALEVICYNTM Antipruritic Gel relieves the itch and pain associated with skin irritations and wounds, such as sores, injuries and ulcers of skin tissue."

"ALEVICYNTM Antipruritic SG sprays like a liquid and adheres like a gel to relieve the burning, itching and pain from atopic dermatitis. It’s ideal for larger or harder-to-reach skin surfaces."

Alevicyn Official Website by  IntraDermTM Pharmaceuticals, a division of Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 


More information on HOCl

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