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Lucy Abbersteen Interviews Lex Gillies About Rosacea


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"I had a very unsympathetic GP who made me feel very vain and stupid for worrying about my skin – but the psychological effects of my rosacea have altered every part of my life, from my relationships to career and self-esteem. One of the main reasons I talk about it so openly is to raise awareness of the condition; I hope that, by increasing public awareness, the act of showing my bare face to the world won’t be seen as “brave” anymore – that I’ll just be another face in the crowd." Lex Gilles

Rosacea – what is it, what causes it and can it be treated?
Everything you need to know if you think you might be suffering..
By Lucy Abbersteen, marie claire

Lex Gillies, Beauty Blogger, and Rosacea

Lex Gillies' Instagram Post About Her Rosacea


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