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RRDi Grant Writers FAQs

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Post your questions to the RRDi Grant Writers Team here. This is a member area where all members can ask questions. 

For example, if you are interested in volunteering to write grant proposals for the RRDi and become part of the team, you may have questions. For now here are some FAQs for you to consider: 

How many people are on your amateur grant writing committee?
So far two team members. There are other inquiries which are being evaluated before becoming part of the team. 

How is your grant writing process organized?
Instructions, concerns, questions, answers, data, are organized in a private forum on our web site only accessed by Grant Writers and the RRDi board members. 

Is it collaborative?
Yes, we use Google Team Drive and work together as a grant writing team. 

Do you assign sections of grants for writers to work on?
At this point we are assigning sections, but want to delegate this to one member of the team as the task assigner. 

How do writers communicate during the writing process?
We use G Suite for non profits, graciously given to us by Google. 

Is there an expected time commitment to the project (e.g., hours per week)?
Since this is totally volunteer we don't put such quotas or impose commitments. Volunteering is at the heart of this non profit. However, if someone doesn't respond to emails after a long time, you can probably understand what happens to this team member. Such is the nature of volunteers (they come and go). "If you build it, they will come, as long as they are able and willing." 

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