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Phase 2 Dose Ranging Study of Oxymetazoline Cream

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The investigators concluded that twice-daily dosing of oxymetazoline cream did not offer any significant improvements in clinical efficacy compared with once-daily dosing. Based on the study findings, oxymetazoline 1.0% once daily provided the optimal dosing regimen with respect to efficacy, safety, and tolerability, and was thus selected for evaluation in phase 3 clinical studies.

Once-Daily Topical Treatment Effective for Rosacea-Associated Facial Erythema, Sheila Jacobs, Dermatology Advisor

J Drugs Dermatol. 2018 Mar 1;17(3):308-316.
Phase 2 Randomized, Dose-Ranging Study of Oxymetazoline Cream for Treatment of Persistent Facial Erythema Associated With Rosacea.
DuBois J, Dover JS, Jones TM, Weiss RA, Berk DR, Ahluwalia G.

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