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Salvia hispanica kills mites in 7 minutes


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Salvia hispanica, commonly known as chia, is a species of flowering plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae, native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. Wikipedia

Comparing Essential Oils with Metronidazole and Mercury Oxide in Killing Mites (with emphasis upon Salvia Hispanic)

Demodex belong to the smallest mites: the average length of adults is 250 μm. Up to now, two Demodex species have been described, which are specific for humans: Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis. A medical condition caused by presence of Demodexis called demodicosis. Gao et al. in 2005 reported good effects of tea tree oil on Demodex sp. in the in vitro and in vivo settings. Aim of this study was to check survivability of Demodex mites in various substances. Tests were made with the use of the most common substances used in demodicosis treatment, i.e. metronidazole and mercury oxide. The effects of essential oils from tea tree, sea buckthorn, aloe, salvia, peppermint, camphor tree, fennel, eucalyptus, and lavender were tested as well. For controls, Demodex were placed in saline. The mean survival time of Demodex was 64 hours for metronidazole, and 46 hours – for 2.5% mercury oxide. Much better results were obtained with 50% tea tree oil (7 minutes), peppermint oil (11 minutes) and salvia oil (7 minutes). 

Research Gate, December 2014
Effect of Metronidazol, Mercury Oxide and Essentials Oils on the in vitro survivability of Demodex mites.
Aleksandra Sedzikowska,Maciej Oseka, B. Grytner-Zięcina, Emilia Jaremko


Demodicosis is a medical condition caused by presence of Demodex mites. Mites may cause ocular demodicosis with symptoms such as burning and itching of eyelids. Currently, several drugs are available for the treatment of demodicosis. However, their use carries a risk of serious side effects. According to recent studies, substances contained in some plant-derived essential oils kill Demodex mites. Good efficacy of tea tree oil against Demodex sp. has been reported. However, some patients develop allergic reactions and ocular irritation in the course of tea tree oil treatment. Tests with essential oils showed that salvia and peppermint oils rapidly kill Demodex-in 7 and 11 minutes, respectively. Salvia is known as a valuable herb and is used to treat eye disease. Therefore, salvia essential oil could be an alternative treatment for demodicosis.

J Bacteriol Parasitol, 2015, Volume 6. Issue 3.
Impact of Salvia and Peppermint Oil on the In Vitro Survival of Demodex Mites (PDF)
Aleksandra Sędzikowska, Maciej Osęka , Beata Roman3and Emilia Jaremko.
Department of General Biology and Parasitology, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland. Ofta Ltd., ul. Mleczna 8, 03-667 Warsaw, Poland, Verco Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland.

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