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Epsolay, aka, VERED, S5G4T-1 and DER 45 EV, has reached Phase III clinical trial status according to Drug Development Technology. Epsolay is developed and promoted by Sol-Gel Technologies as "an innovative topical encapsulated benzoyl peroxide cream with a 5% concentration for the treatment of papulopustular rosacea."  Epsolay is designed for those who suffer from Phenotype 4

Usually benzoyl peroxide exacerbates rosacea, but Epsolay is a "silica-based microencapsulation delivery system creates a silica barrier between benzoyl peroxide crystals and the skin, and as a result is expected to reduce irritation typically associated with topical application of benzoyl peroxide, thereby making the drug tolerable to rosacea-affected skin." [1]

In a press release, June 18, 2018, Dr. Alon Seri-Levy, Chief Executive Officer of Sol-Gel, states, “Epsolay is aimed to address the need for more effective treatments for inflammatory papules and pustules of rosacea, a chronic condition for which patients often have low adherence to current drugs.”

Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd., Israel 

As more information is released it will be posted in this thread. If you are a member you can use the 'Notify me of replies' button near the bottom of this post and turn it on for any updates. 

End Notes

[1] Sol-Gel > Pipeline > VERED 

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