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How do you use the RRDi FAQs?


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Use this forum for FAQs about rosacea. You may find the list of the most frequently VIEWED questions since probably your questions may be the same of others. 

Browse through the questions before you ask, since it probably has already been asked. Spend at least a half hour in our FAQs and you will probably learn more in a half hour than you spend at the social media platforms for hours. 

However, if you do have a question not listed in this category, please feel free to post your question by clicking on START NEW TOPIC button at the top level of FAQs.  

Or you may search the entire forum for a topic that interests you by typing in the search box top right corner your inquiry or look at all the categories of rosacea topics

If you have a complaint, a good category for complaints is this one.  Hopefully a fellow rosacea sufferer will read about your complaint and have empathy. 

If you think you may have rosacea and are curious whether or not you do have it, we recommend you read this post

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