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Screening for depression in rosacea patients.

Cutis. 2018 Jul;102(1):36-38

Authors: Alinia H, Cardwell LA, Tuchayi SM, Nadkarni A, Bahrami N, Richardson IM, Huang KE, Feldman SR

Rosacea patients often are burdened with embarrassment, social anxiety, and psychiatric comorbidities. The Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ-9) is a validated and reliable self-administered tool for diagnosis of depression and designation of depression severity. This study aimed to examine the relationship between rosacea severity scores and level of depression using a validated rosacea self-assessment tool and the PHQ-9, respectively. Our results indicated that there is a direct relationship between rosacea severity and level of depression, and the PHQ-9 could prove useful in screening for depression in rosacea patients given the high incidence of psychiatric comorbidities in this patient population.

PMID: 30138493 [PubMed - in process]

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