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Gallo Patent for the 'Prevention of Rosacea Inflammation'


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Gallo et al whose research published in Nature Medicine in 2007 that suggested "an explanation for the pathogenesis of rosacea by demonstrating that an exacerbated innate immune response can reproduce elements of this disease" involving cathelicidin (particularly Peptide LL-37), Vitamin D3, and Alarmins has applied for a patent (United States Patent Application 20160030386), PREVENTION OF ROSACEA INFLAMMATION. [1] The patent is a long read and not for the timid or shy to read through. The nutshell version is a patent for treating rosacea inflammation with mast cell stabilizers, (ie., lodoxamide, nedocromil, cromolyn, pemirolast, pharmaceutical salts), as well as, neuropetide antagonists, a serine protease inhibitor,  a vitamin D3 antagonist, including combinations of these treatments. 

End Notes

[1] Images and tables/graphs with results

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