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Carbohydrate Body Mass Percentage

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image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

“The body of a healthy lean man is composed of roughly 62 percent water, 16 percent fat, 16 percent protein, 6 percent minerals, and less than 1 percent carbohydrate, along with very small amounts of vitamins and other miscellaneous substances. Females usually carry more fat (about 22 percent in a healthy lean woman) and slightly less of the other components than do males of comparable weight.”

Human Nutrition, Kenneth Carpenter A. Stewart Truswell Douglas W. Kent-Jones Jean Weininger, Encyclopedia Britannica

So depending on the weight and sex, you can see that the majority of the human body is water (62%), and protein and fat make up about a 50/50 ratio comprising of about a third of the body mass, while carbohydrate only amounts to a tiny 1% of the body mass.

Since there is so little carbohydrate making up your body mass, why is it that today's modern diet consists of more carbohydrate than protein and fat?

Yet, for most humans living in the modern world, the diet consists of a majority of carbohydrate. In times past, say a couple of hundred years ago, humans ate more protein and fat, or at the very least equal amounts of all three food groups. The increase of carbohydrate in the human diet, particularly sugar, whether as high fructose corn syrup or sucrose (or any other sugar) has only happened in the last couple of hundred years, particularly in the last one hundred years. What has the increased sugar intake in human consumption along with other carbohydrate done to health? The increased knowledge data of over consumption of sugar/carbohydrate continues to show the detrimental effect to human health and you are without a doubt aware you should limit your sugar/carbohydrate intake to improve your health.

You know you are consuming too much sugar/carbohydrate in your diet and this is triggering your rosacea. If you are not convinced, why not try reducing sugar/carbohydrate for thirty days and see if your rosacea improves? This will probably be the hardest fast you have ever done since sugar/carbohydrate is embedded into the typical modern industrial diet and it is so difficult to avoid sugar/carbohydrate, mainly because you are addicted to sugar. But a clear face is worth it, isn’t it?





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