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Rhofade Anecdotal Reports

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We are collecting the Negative Reports (if anyone has a positive report, please post in this thread). There are positive reports and you can find them. It is a lot of work collecting positive or negative reports on this. Volunteering is what the RRDi is all about. Are you up to volunteering and collecting positive Rhofade reports? Our cursory investigation shows that there as many positive reports on Rhofade or possibly more than negative ones. Rhofade surely doesn't cure rosacea but it manages it if you have to appear good for a wedding or job interview, etc. For an example of a positive Rhofade report, consider this one: 

Alba [post no 23-] "Hi all I have been using the rhofade now for a year. i dont get rebound. It has helped about 30% i still flush but when i do i get over it quicker. also my skin used to hurt alot 90% when i flushed now doesnt hurt about 10% it hurts. I put it on my cheeks where i flush the most. At times if nose flushing i put it on there. I can use it on my nose on and off and dont get rebound. I tried Mirvaso and that i got bad rebound."


anon [post no 6] "I stopped taking the Rhofade almost 4 months ago and I still flush pretty badly, but less often..."

Aurora823 [post no 1] "I had a horrible reaction to Rhofade...."

Katie Kelly, Rosacea (in English), Facebook, posts,  "I had a really adverse reaction to Rhofade where I had intense flushing for about two weeks! I’m still experiencing some lingering redness. I only used it on a tiny spot twice. BUT your results may vary (my skin is extremely reactive and sensitive in general). Just be sure to spot test it before applying to your whole face!"

Lea77 [post no 202] "I tried Rhofade for 4 days. If started burning my face so I stopped using it. I am now back to daily flares that feel like my face is on fire. With a 1 in 7 benefit to users I wish I had never tried it!!!"

SR840910 [post no 227] "My doctor gave me Rhofade all nonshalantly. I began to use it once a day everyday for a few months. Well slowly I realized it was actually making my face more red. When I would not put it on, my face would be bright red, making me look ten times worse. I have completely stopped taking it now for about a month and my face is still very red."

toomuchblush [post no 132] "Since stopping rhofade, my face has calmed down dramatically. I think rhofade will have many, many mixed reviews..."


If you have had an experience with Rhofade and rosacea, wouldn't it be gracious on your part to post in this thread your experience so that other rosaceans might benefit?  

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