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Privacy Concerns Using Consumer Health Apps


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A recent report states this about consumers using health apps on Android or iOS mobile devices: 

"Clinicians should be conscious about the choices they make in relation to their app use and, when recommending apps to consumers, explain the potential for loss of personal privacy as part of informed consent. Privacy regulators should consider that loss of privacy is not a fair cost for the use of digital health services."

BMJ. 2019; 364: l920.
Published online 2019 Mar 20. doi: 10.1136/bmj.l920
PMCID: PMC6425456
PMID: 30894349
Data sharing practices of medicines related apps and the mobile ecosystem: traffic, content, and network analysis
Quinn Grundy, assistant professor and honorary senior lecturer, Kellia Chiu, PhD candidate, Fabian Held, senior research fellow, Andrea Continella, postdoctoral fellow, Lisa Bero, professor, and Ralph Holz, lecturer in networks and security

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