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History of Demodectic Rosacea


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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Demodetic Rosacea has a long history. For example, note the following quote in a paper written in 1886:
"From these and other statements it is seen that in suggesting the thought that these minute forms of life are etiological factors in even some of the phases of acneform diseases, I shall be but little in accord with the highest authorities. In antagonism to these views, I may say that the results of my observations appear to indicate a close relationship of the parasites with the diseased condition."
Demodex Folliculorum in Diseased Conditions of the Human Face
Proceedings of the American Society of Microscopists, Vol. 8, 1886, page 123, Published by: Wiley-Blackwell

According to Google Scholar a paper, Simon 1842, is cited by at least 38 articles that mention demodex foliculorum. 
Simon G (1842), Ueber eine in den kranken und normalen haarsacken des menschen lebende milbe.
Arch Anat, Physiol u Wissensch Med 11: 218–237.

"D. folliculorum and D. brevis are typically found on humans. D. folliculorum was first described in 1842 by Simon; D. brevis was identified as separate in 1963 by Akbulatova. D. folliculorum is found in hair follicles, while D. brevis lives in sebaceous glands connected to hair follicles." Wikipedia

For more information on demodectic rosacea 

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