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AAD Spends 3% on Research


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The American Academy of Dermatologists is one of the premier, most distinguished organizations that produces a medical journal and sponsors conventions for their prestigious members each year. The AAD is a 501 c 3 non profit organization that in 2015 received $33 million dollars in revenue (donations) and spent $34 million dollars in expenses. If you carefully review the total amount of research grants spent in 2015 in its Form 990 you will see it spent a little over $1 million dollars so that amounts to 3 percent of its revenue. What that means, to put this into perspective about research, is that for every dollar received by the AAD three cents is spent on research! What amount went to rosacea research is anyone's guess, but if you have the volunteer spirit you could figure that out and report what you find in this thread. If you have the heart to figure out how much was spent on actual rosacea research by the AAD in 2015 you would probably find that the amount was not very much. The AAD focuses a lot on many other skin diseases, but sometimes has articles on rosacea in its journal, and a lot more articles on acne rather than rosacea. AAD rosacea research would be a tiny, tiny part of the one million dollars spent in 2015, so tiny that it would be difficult at best to obtain a figure. 

What does the AAD spend most of its donations on?

The AAD spent approximately $17.3 million on salaries, employees, employee benefits, and payroll taxes. $5.6 million was spent on conferences, conventions and meetings. You can read below how the AAD spent the rest of the donations. The point is that 97% of the money spent by the AAD was NOT spent on research and what was spent benefited dermatologists, not the general public. 

Read the Form 990 for 2015:

Do you have any comments on the AAD and how this non profit spends its donations?

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