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Probiotic Research on Rosacea?


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A recent paper on the subject of probiotics for skin conditions states, "Unfortunately, very few studies have looked how probiotic supplementation influence inflammatory skin disorders. The results of probiotic use, although beneficial, are difficult to implement into clinical practice due to the heterogeneity of the applied supplemental regimen. In this Viewpoint we aim to encourage the conduction of more research in that direction to explore unambiguously the therapeutic potential of oral probiotics in dermatology." [1]

Wouldn't it be incredible if a non profit for rosacea got 10K members each to donate one dollar to fund a peer reviewed, double blind, placebo controlled clinical study on probiotics and rosacea? Could that be possible? Only you can be a part of such a miracle. Why not donate your dollar?

End Notes

[1] Exp Dermatol. 2019 Aug 06;:
Targeting the gut-skin axis - probiotics as new tools for skin disorder management?
Szántó M, Dózsa A, Antal D, Szabó K, Kemény L, Bai P

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