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Antidepressants May Cause Skin Issues


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The skeleton structure of the SNRI venlafaxine, a typical example of an antidepressant.
image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

"I’d never heard of antidepressants causing any issues with skin, which made me wonder if anyone else was having the same issue and just putting up with it in silence – or if the whole thing was in my head. I chatted with Dr Zubair Ahmed, the CEO of MedicSpot digital clinics, who confirmed that yes, antidepressants can absolutely cause or worsen skin conditions. ‘These skin issues range from innocent facial flushing to life threatening systemic rashes such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome,’ Dr Ahmed told metro.co.uk. ‘You may also notice purple dots on your skin (Purpura) or a condition called urticaria which is often due to an allergic reaction. ‘Eczema is also associated with antidepressant medication.’ "

How your antidepressants might be messing with your skin, Ellen Scott, Metro

Chai reports a serious rosacea flareup after withdrawing from mirtazapine.

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