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First Grant Proposal


Should the RRDi allow our grant writer to proceed?  

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  • Root Admin

Just thought I would let the corporate members have a poll on the first grant proposal ever considered by the MAC and the board of directors to see how the corporate members feel about this.

The topic is mostly discussed in the ASK THE MAC section at this url >


If you would like to vote in this poll and make a comment as well, it will help the board of directors to decide the final decision. At this point, the only decision is whether or not our professional grant writer should proceed in trying to obtain this grant. The final grant will still be reviewed by the MAC and approved before it is approved by the board of directors. There are several major hoops to go through before any research is done. This is only the very first step.


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  • Guests

I think it is important to highlight that this is the first opportunity that has arisen for the RRDi to undertake research. Upon my initial scrunity of this proposal, it is my understanding that funding will not come from the RRDi bank account but from a grant specifically given for this research.

I do believe there are many avenues that can be taken with this research which will benefit Rosaceans. Perhaps this will lead to further studies being undertaken along the same lines.

From my reading on nutrition, I most certainly believe there is a link between what we eat and the state of our Rosacea. There is a 'science' to food and there is so much more involved than simply eating what we are told to eat, or more specifically what we are told not to eat. I'm just a 'layman' but have done a great deal of reading surrounding this topic. I would certainly like to see main stream scientific data come about on this.

Yes, we are green on this but we have to start somewhere and we will most certainly learn from this process. It has been very encouraging to receive feedback from our MAC on this proposal and I do hope that something will come from this.


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