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We are accepting articles from novice rosacea sufferers or health professionals on rosacea subjects to be published in the next edition of the Journal of the RRDi. There are no charges for submitting your article. You must join the RRDi to submit your article by clicking on the Sign up button and membership is free. 

You must follow the two steps below to begin the process to have your article reviewed, approved and published (scroll all the way down to view the TWO STEPS required to submit your article):


(1) Step One
Sign in or Sign up 

Look at the top right corner of your browser and either Sign up (if you have NOT registered) or Sign in (if you have already registered)
See screen shots below to understand what to look for to learn how to SIGN UP or scroll further down to see how to SIGN IN:



The Sign in process REQUIRES you to confirm your email address


(2) Step Two
After you have registered an account and you are a novice and you are logged in, in the same category forum you are in now, ROSACEA RESEARCH, POST your article on rosacea. You are currently in the following category forum: 


Look for the green button START NEW TOPIC and click on it (see screen shot below): 


Post your rosacea article and this starts the review process for novices only by clicking on the START NEW TOPIC green button. Professionals follow the directions below:


If you are professional health care provider, you must submit your paper using this form to submit your paper. We only accept portable data files (pdf). Please convert your paper to pdf when submitting your paper. You will be required to have a Google account, either your own Gmail account, or the RRDi will provide a free G Suite account upon request. If you are volunteering on the RRDi MAC a G Suite account will automatically be provided for you. 


If you are having any issues with the above two steps CONTACT us describing your issue so we can assist you.  

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