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Tricia's thoughts


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To MAC members:

Tricia had these thoughts on research in another thread that I thought should be directed to all the MAC members to get your thoughts about this:

Tricia wrote:

I agree, adding positive input is much more productive than just putting down someone else's idea. Although I hope you are not taking my criticism the wrong way as I really think the discussion was good as a whole. Feedback was asked for and honest opinions were given. I think this board is great that in that everyone can offer their ideas in a safe environment.

What would I like to see researched?

1. Things that slow down or stop blood vessel proliferation. There are already drugs like this on the market for cancer and to a smaller effect some antibioitics. i'd love to see a study set up to see if these can contribute to the effectiveness of laser treatments and/or if new topicals can be created to target just the facial area to provide a one two punch. Zapping the vessels first and then preventing them from coming back would be huge!

2. Anti-flushing creams? Anyone? There are ingredients out there that supposedly constrict vessels like caffeine, green tea and whatever the heck the magic Sans Rosa potion is. Has there ever been any experimentation with creating a rosacea friendly cream that stops and/or prevents flushing? It would be great see some experimentation with this.

3. Laser/IPL effectiveness for different sub-types of rosacea. Which ones work better for the sever flushers? Which ones for acne? Are there important steps that patients should take for a more effective treatment (like pre-flushing and is it really necessary to not flush for the first 2-3weeks post treatment?). Are we missing the boat by not developing lasers targeted specifically for rosacea?

4. Anti-inflammatories-there are some exciting new drugs out for Psiorsasis (I know I completely butchered the spelling of this). Are there some we can piggy back off of and taylor more for rosacea? Might be fun to find out.

Just a few thoughts.

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