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Calcium, Vitamin D(3), And Retinoic Acid


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A new PubMed article abstract by Dr. Gallo concludes:

"These findings show that the expression and activity of KLK are under fine control and can be distinctly influenced by variables such as differentiation, calcium, vitamin D, and RA. Thus, these variables may further control the functions of antimicrobial peptides in the skin."

Does this mean that rosaceans should increase their intake of calcium, vitamin D and RA?

What comments do you have about this research?

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  • Root Admin

The following replies to this thread were sent to me by email:

From: Robert Brodell, M.D.

Subject: Re: Calcium, Vitamin D(3), And Retinoic Acid

Date: January 23, 2010 2:16:31 AM HST

To: Barrows Brady

Basic science research is important because it often points up approaches to disease treatment that would not be otherwise apparent. HOWEVER, acne rosacea is a complicated process and I would not recommend any changes to the treatment of patients without clinical evidence of efficacy.



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