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New Herbal Biomedicines for the Topical Treatment of Dermatological Disorders.

Biomedicines. 2020 Feb 08;8(2):

Authors: Hoffmann J, Gendrisch F, Schempp CM, Wölfle U

Herbal extracts and isolated plant compounds play an increasing role in the treatment of skin disorders and wounds. Several new herbal drugs, medicinal products and cosmetic products for the treatment of various skin conditions have been developed in recent years. In this nonsystematic review, we focus on herbal drugs that were tested in controlled clinical studies or in scientifically sound preclinical studies. The herbal biomedicines are intended to treat atopic dermatitis (St. John's wort, licorice, tormentil, bitter substances, evening primrose), psoriasis (araroba tree, lace flower, barberry bark, indigo, turmeric, olibanum, St. John's wort), actinic keratosis (birch bark, petty spurge), herpes simplex (lemon balm, sage and rhubarb), rosacea (green tea, licorice, tormentil) and acne vulgaris (tea tree oil, green tea, hop), or to improve photo protection (green tea, Dyer's weed, cocoa tree, carotinoids, licorice), aesthetic dermatology (licorice, pine bark, gotu kola) and wound healing (birch bark, onion).

PMID: 32046246 [PubMed]

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