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I have been following various forums and have read the debate as to which form of laser/IPL therapy and treatment protocol is the best treatment alternative for rosacea. While I know there are several different subtypes, the one of most interest to me is Subtype I or simply stated as vascular rosacea where redness and flushing are the main symptoms. Although the best treatment approaches are perhaps best handled on a case-by-case basis, it would be beneficial for most readers if we could get a summary of the best laser/IPL alternatives/protocols for the different types of rosacea and any accompanying prescription or supplement medications that would enhance the effects of the treatment.

It is all quite confusing if you read all of the posts. For example, the Sciton laser is either hailed as the new gold standard for treatment or a waste of money. You should flush before treatment, but perhaps not. You should take clarithromycin after an IPl treatment, but perhaps not because of the risks. You can effectively treat the ears for flushing or you should never do this as it poses risks for ear cartilage. You should triple pass on each treatment if possible with the 560, 590 and 640 filters ( Lumenis 1) or the 560 with multiple passes is just as good.

Some direction on these and similar question regarding laser/IPL treatments would be much appreciated.

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Thanks for the post, but you may not understand what the RRDi is all about quite yet. The purpose of the private forum, particularly the ASK THE MAC section in which you posted this question, is for asking the professionals who have volunteered 15 mintues a month from their busy schedules to answer rosacea research questions. If you posed this question in the form of some specific clinical research that should be done, that would be the best way to approach this subject.

If we waste the precious volunteer time the MAC members have graciously volunteered to do for the RRDi on personal treatment options or advice, the MAC members may begin leaving in droves and we will have an empty MAC. The Rosacea Forum is the place to ask such questions which is why that forum was begun in the first place. I hope you understand better why the RRDi private forum is here and we need to utilize the volunteer time of the MAC members productively on rosacea research.

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Hi Deacon

The following may help to answer some of your questions. The first Q&A was done this year and the second last year.



There is also another Q&A in progress at this link:


The answers should be in shortly.


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