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Demodex Causes Flushing?

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image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There is a hypothesis that the 'cross reaction between the GroEl chaperonin antibodies against the B.oleronius and human GroEl chaperonin' 'will not fold normally the ALDH2, and then the enzyme will not metabolize the acetaldehyde' and therefore, 'As a result, high amounts of acetaldehyde will circulate for longer time in the blood, until the liver CYP2E1(p450) enzyme system finally metabilizes the acetaldehyde, during that period of time the patients will experience a flushing as well as the people with the "Asian flushing syndrome" suffer when they drink ethanol.'

Med Hypotheses, 84 (4), 408-12  Apr 2015
Hypothesis of Demodicidosis Rosacea Flushing Etiopathogenesis
Mary Ann Robledo, Mariana Orduz

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