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Hopefully someone will use this idea and benefit from it, especial people like me. Sorry for gramm and writing mistackes. I’m layman for medicine so this mey be nonsense sorry if it is. I had no intention to make fun I’m only trying to resolve my problem before I get worse.

I’m 22 years old, and in prerosacea stadium because of frekvent fluishings. So I don’t benefit from topical cream because they treat consecvent and not the source of problem. I read a lot and have some idea for researchers to explore. I see it like this:



DISTONIA N EUROVEGETATIVA (DNV)-causing starting fluishing

Start being conscious of the problem(face redness,hotness of skin…)

ANXIETY(more frekvent fluishings)


So if we resolve Distonia neuro vegetativa no Rosacea will developed. If I don’t flush no redness is developing and reversal. So this would be a idea for prevention from rosacea.

We all did not have this tipe of response in the past but it starts in some point of time, like our body learnt it. So try make it back like in past before this.


Normal person

Simpaticus (balance) Parasimpaticus

ME(with fluishings)


Parasimpaticus ecqual DISBALANCE

Stronger simpaticus makes enorme amounts of adrenalin he spread blood welnes. (I’m using propanolol with small benefits for it).

There is ETS surgery. It is good for this problem but probably with enorme side effects.

Endoscopic simaphectomy

(cutting VS cliping)

But there is other teory in Spain I read about by doctor PABLO RUBEN COVAL(KOVAL)…


About it:

He use it for Distonia neurovegetativa by giving LIDOCAIN it the key area or nervs, for enough time for body to reorganize it self. Contact him for ditals.

IDEA: use this Lidocain for some time , I suppose it is an anestetick , to block simpaticus ganglions cutten or clipped with ETS… Body reorganize itself, flushes mey stop and the Simpatic ganglions and nervs are preserved.

P.S. I hope there is some sence in all this I wrote and it is understandable. I’m from Serbia and speak English not so well to express my ideas for medical research…

If someone is interested in all this and will take it in mind please inform me or contact me for more informations on tijana87jevtic@hotmail.com

Or tipe in google this



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Welcome Nick to the RRDi.

I googled it and haven't heard of using "0.375% lidocaine applied to specific sites modifies the state of the nervous system in the place where you applied and thus acts on the entire body." I had to have google translate the page.

Have you actually tried this?

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here is the document http://www.dolor-pain.com/distonia.html

it is on Spanish soo I translated it with gogle translate.Try it... No I haven't try it because am not in Spain it just apeare to me as an idea because all doctors say to me that the flushings ocur because I have Distonia neurovegetativa so I tipe how to cure that, first because if I stop fluishing the redness will go away.

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