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PubMed RSS Feed - -A Corrective Cosmetic Improves the Quality of Life and Skin Quality of Subjects with Facial Blemishes Caused by Skin Disorders.


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A Corrective Cosmetic Improves the Quality of Life and Skin Quality of Subjects with Facial Blemishes Caused by Skin Disorders.

Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2020;13:253-257

Authors: Andra C, Suwalska A, Dumitrescu AM, Kerob D, Delva C, Hasse-Cieślińska M, Solymosi A, Arenbergerova M

Background: Facial blemishes resulting from skin disorders have a significant effect on the patient's self-esteem and impact quality of life (QOL).
Aim: To assess the impact of a corrective cosmetic (CC) on QOL on top of skin quality parameters.
Methods: An international observational study was conducted on subjects with visible facial flaws that would benefit from a corrective cosmetic. Investigators collected data regarding demographics, QOL using the Skindex-16 scale, skin dryness and tautness, subject and investigator satisfaction, cosmetic acceptability and tolerance at baseline and after 4 to 6 weeks of daily use.
Results: A total of 1840 subjects participated; the mean age was 31.5±11.1 and 95% were women. Acne accounted for 48.9% of skin conditions, followed by melasma (16.7%) and rosacea (15.3%). Of the subjects 81.2% had at least 10% of the face affected and the condition was rated as disfiguring by 45.3% of the subjects; 45.0% and 44.4%, respectively, had neither taut nor dry skin at baseline. Baseline Skindex-16 scores for symptoms, emotions, functioning and overall were 1.4±1.3, 3.5±1.6, 2.4±1.8 and 2.4±1.3, respectively, on a scale from 0 to 6. Compliance was 96.0±10.6%. At the end of the study, Skindex-16 scores had significantly (p<0.0001) improved for all parameters, as did skin dryness and tautness. Subject and investigator satisfaction were high or very high; cosmetic acceptability was high or very high and local tolerance good or very good.
Conclusion: The tested corrective cosmetic significantly improved the QOL of subjects with significant facial flaws, skin tautness and dryness, and was well tolerated.

PMID: 32280256 [PubMed]

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