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Can You Donate Two Dollars?

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If you appreciate all the data on rosacea that you see available on the RRDi website in your search for a way to control your rosacea and found this helpful and would like to keep this non profit organization for rosacea a viable and productive web resource, can you donate two dollars to keep the RRDi going?  We rely solely on donations. No one is getting paid or receives a salary. The RRDi staff are working pro bono as volunteers who care about rosacea sufferers. Note below what Margaret Mead was asked by a student that is related to what you can do for rosacea sufferers. Do you care about rosacea sufferers? If you have rosacea, you might have a bone in your body with a tinge of caring for others. 


A 15,000 year old bone and the Fall 2013 issue of Reflections, Jeffrey Oak ’85 M.Div., ’96 Ph.D., Yale Divinity School

RRDi Non Profit Organization 
You may have your idea how a non profit organization for rosacea should be run and there are other non profits for you to choose giving your support. We would hope you appreciate how different the RRDi is run and that you approve of how it is run by donating two dollars to help keep the RRDi going. In May 2020 we have over 1400 plus members. If each member donated just one dollar (minimum two or one dollar a month for twelve months) it would be enough for our non profit to remain viable for about a year!  Just think of the power of one dollar with so many members. That is less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

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