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Lymphatic Vessels Are Involved


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Michael Detmar, M.D., says about rosacea, "A new area of research suggests that lymphatic vessels are involved."
Rosacea: turning all stones for source of pathology, Rebecca Bryant, Dermatology Times, Modern Medicine

"The process of diffusion and extension of the chin can be attributed to lymphedema, which is a chronic inflammation, due to mechanical failure of the lymphatic system, caused by persistent inflammation of rosacea." [1]

"Lymphatic failure results in a sustained inflammatory response -- the persistent redness that typically appears as rosacea progresses."
The Anatomy of a Rosacea Flare-up, Lynn Drake, MD, Editor, Rosacea Review, Summer 2000, National Rosacea Society

"The group observed that the lymphatic vessels also may be involved in the initial process of rosacea, which can result in swelling, and noted that neuropeptides affect the function of lymph vessels as well."
Causes of Rosacea: Neurovascular System, National Rosacea Society

"It is believed that facial swelling in rosacea may be due to increased blood flow during flushing. If dilated vessels become "leaky," extra fluid may accumulate in the tissues faster than the lymphatic system, which transports fluids throughout the body, can remove it."
Facial Swelling May Be More Common with Rosacea, Rosacea Review, Lynn Drake, MD, Editor, Fall 2000, National Rosacea Society

"Lymphatic vessels are responsible for the active removal of all of these inflammatory components and are key to rosacea clearance.  However, most clinical studies on rosacea lymphatic vessels shows that they are physically damaged, functionally inactive, broken, or too inflamed to help clear facial inflammation — resulting in long-term inflammatory side effects and rosacea progression." [2]

"Skin conditions such as acne or rosacea, among others, benefit from this same cleansing effect. Manual lymph drainage is most commonly used as a component of complex decongestive therapy to treat lymphedema. However, it is a powerful and profound stand-alone massage technique." [3]

"Our results suggest that lymphatic vessels are already involved in the initiation process of rosacea but not in later subtypes, although clinically visible signs of edema are described at later stages (Crawford et al., 2004). Although the early involvement of lymphatic tissue was suggested before, augmentation of lymphatic tissue was previously attributed mainly to lymphangiogenesis (Gomaa et al., 2007). Our morphometric results show no enhancement in vessel number when compared with HS. Furthermore, our RT-PCR results showed that most of the genes involved in growth and elongation of lymphatic capillaries were only slightly or not at all upregulated. LYVE1, a gene having a key role in metabolism, binding, and transport of hyaluronic acid from tissues to lymphatic vessels and in transplacement of leukocytes in lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes (Jackson, 2009), was even downregulated (Figure 6b)." [4]

"Dr Bill Henry of Pro Bono Bio explains: “Redness associated with rosacea is due [largely] to accumulation of chemicals within the affected tissue [because of] malfunctioning of lymphatic drainage. Rossoseq exploits Sequessome technology, which is based on tiny spheres of hydrophilic phospholipid that have been engineered to penetrate the skin and improve the functioning of the water-based lymphatic system.” " [5]

"In a study of skin samples with and without rosacea, Dr. Amal Gomaa and colleagues at Boston University found evidence of angiogenesis in both the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems in skin with rosacea lesions." [6]

"Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialized, advanced massage technique, especially suited to sensitive and Rosacea skins." [7]

Lymphedema People has a page dedicated to rosacea lymphedema. [8] "Lymphedema, also known as lymphoedema and lymphatic edema, is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system, which normally returns interstitial fluid to the bloodstream." Wikipedia

cf123 at RF "decided to start experimenting with the idea by giving my face a massage (firm but gentle, minimal friction) to facilitate lymphatic flow, i.e. to mix the fluid around and let it homogenize, and hopefully drain away or detoxify through my lymphatic and immune systems" which is similar to Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

 Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa claims, "Fortunately the lymphatic flow can be stimulated through movement, and skin care professionals use this technique in the treatment room to benefit clients who suffer with rosacea, acne, puffiness and overall sluggish skin, as well as post surgery inflammation and bruising." [9]

"The reality is that you have twice as much lymph fluid in your body as blood. The lymph continuously bathes each cell and drains away the waste in a circulatory system powered only by your breathing and movements. If the movement of the lymph stopped entirely you would die in a matter of hours." [10]

End Notes

[1] An Bras Dermatol. 2012 Nov-Dec; 87(6): 903–905.
Gnatophyma - A rare form of rosacea
Ana Carolina Lisboa de Macedo, Fernanda Dias Pacheco Sakai, Rossana Cantanhede Farias de Vasconcelos, and Artur Antonio Duarte

[2] Treat Facial Inflammation, Flushing and Swelling by Repairing Lymphatic Vessels [Pt.1], Rosalyn

[3] Manual Lymph Drainage – MLD, John Mulligan, RMT/CLT-LANA
     Lymphedema Therapy, Education & Consulting

[4] JID, December 2011Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 53–62
Neurovascular and Neuroimmune Aspects in the Pathophysiology of Rosacea
Verena D. Schwab, Mathias Sulk, Stephan Seeliger, Pawel Nowak, Jerome Aubert, Christian Mess, Michel Rivier, Isabelle Carlavan, Patricia Rossio, Dieter Metze, Jörg Buddenkotte, Ferda Cevikbas, Johannes J. Voegel, Martin Steinhoff

[5] Red alert: New hope for rosacea skin condition, Irish Examiner, Sunday, August 31, 2014

[6] Update on Angiogenesis
Posted: 03/19/2008, National Rosacea Society

[7] Shed the Red: Managing Rosacea
Booklet, The International Dermal Institute

[8] Lymphedema People Rosacea

[9] Hands-On Detox
How to Stimulate Lymph Flow for Healthy Skin, Rhonda Allison,  Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa

[10] Why the Lymphatic System Matters, Acu-Na Wellness Center



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